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Sofia Goldberg of Ameynra
Artist | Professional | Design & Interfaces
United States
I'm Sofia. More known as: Sofia Metal Queen or Sofia of Ameynra. I'm professional fine artist, beadwork artist, fashion designer, photo model, sci-fi writer, philosopher, gothic bellydancer, owner of Ameynra fashion company. Author of 6000+ artworks and fashion projects, two art books, co-author of several joint literary projects. 80 personal art expositions in the US & aboard.

I live in West Hollywood, California. My customers, buyers, resellers live in 42 countries. They adore my paintings, artworks, and Ameynra fashion design from bellydance to hight fashion and from glam rock fashion to royal-styled accessories for ladies.

History of the dynasty has began in 13th century in frozen to the core Northern Europe. In the long history of family, there were: one of an ancient Satanic Cult Leaders, French royal jewelry designer, Russian & Spanish noblemen families, Russian Jews and Gypsy Queen Sofia from Germany. In 17th century, part of the dynasty had 3 dozens of steel-making factories, and enjoyed making money on metal industry (making & selling high-quality steel, copper & black metal) - to build railroads, ships, etc. For more than hundred years, the dynasty was also engaged in export of silver jewelry to Europe. As an artist, I started my creative way in 1982. I received dozens grand prizes, was award-winning Lambada dancer, then started to create my fashion projects. I also studied in the University of Justice before my family decided to move to the U.S. In 2001, an image of "Sofia Metal Queen" was invented by my beloved Tim, handsome U.S. veteran, American patriot. His Ferrari have hit oil truck on highway, on a way to hometown. Timmy wished to visit his parents and invite them to our wedding. He left this world instead. To be in my immortal love 4ever. So everything patriotic you see on my pages is there because Tim asked me to support & glorify the US. I always will do that, no matter that I wasn't born in America. Ok, in my early days here I worked as jewelry designer for company in DownTown L.A., also costume designer for bellydance star companies. In 2005 I created my own company Ameynra. We make: high fashion designs, modern fashion clothing for women, dance costumes for professionals, TV shows & carnivals. I also do heavy metal art, metal fashion projects. Because for me metal is more than just music. It is lifestyle.

Much love to all who love my art ! You are really nice people I've met in my life. Thank you, and welcome to my other networks :


Llama4llama for everybody who like: metal, 666, space-n-fantasy art, cats, flowers & beadwork

I accept custom art orders of: any city panorama pics & beadworks, single buildings & other architecture-related pics & beadworks, nature, flowers art & beadworks, everything related to metal & black metal music, ornaments, bellydance costumes, stage/screen & gypsy costumes, pole dancer costumes, carnival costumes, beaded texts, sky pics, space art, landscape seascape art & beadwork, decorative frames & photo frames, male portraits & beadworks, children portraits & beadworks, paintings & drawings of cars, shuttles, planes, flags of countries cities & states, signs, logos, animals, pets & pet portraits, butterflies art & beadworks, any style & theme book illustrations, art related to ballet, rap & folk music, art of images from sci-fi fantasy books. I also have "Showing-love" discount in prices on orders of: black metal, American glory propaganda, Hell-related art, latin dance costumes & cats art. Also discounts for wholesale buyers. (15 identical items minimum for wholesale order). Shipping to anywhere worldwide.

By personal reason I don't accept any art orders related to: porno/nudes, peace signs, classical music, Christian religion, Buddhism, pop-music, celebrites, movie-stars, spiders & spider web, pigeon birds, flags of Iraq & Russia after 1917, anti-anyone or anti-anything propaganda. Please don't bother me with orders listed above. Thanks.

Talented, respectable & smart people love me & my art. Only blind brainless idiots hates my beauty & my art. Those who'll try offend me will be punished by the power of black magic that protects me. They will stay unforgiven to the end of their days. Any religion will not helps them, and actions against me always return to sender.

Love to everyone who love me. I wish you what you wish to me.

Sofia Metal Queen
Hi world,

As you can see, my DA gallery folders content is like a storage of my artworks (different styles of traditional art, including collages, fancy beadwork / bead embroidery, photoshop art) and also photos of my metal collection, photos from my fashion photoshoots, modeling sessions, best samples of my Ameynra fashion designs, including bellydance costumes, home accessories, wedding accessories & other kinda stuff, also here some pics from my life and promotional stuff I made for my brand Ameynra. Too many very-different themes, and too mixed, motley stuff. I know that it looks little bit strange, but this is normal for really-talented, gifted people.

So, because I have a 'chain' of online stores, here is a fully-detailed list of links where you can buy ready-to-ship artworks, order some, submit wholesale print request or invite me to your fashion photo session. Also, I show you my art tutorials.



eBay, my main store…
eBay shop where I sell Dark & Gothic stuff and art…
Artworks for sale - on Bonanza marketplace…

You can make an order on painting, illustration or print wholesale thru contact form on my website, and order a beadwork - via beadwork art website. I separated them to make it more easy to find.


ART website: sofia-goldberg-art-gallery.jim…
Beadwork art website vishivka-biserom-sofia-goldber…
All-about-me website


Ameynra BellyDance costumes for sale on eBay…
Ameynra designs - skirts, all styles…
Ameynra BellyDance costumes, skirts, accessories for sale on Etsy…
Ameynra BellyDance costumes, skirts, accessories for sale on Bonanza Marketplace…

More Ameynra stores links you can find on Ameynra websites

Ameynra bellydance fashion
Ameynra Fashion

4) To see all of my artworks, beadwork, art tutorials - go to my Youtube channel playlists category…

5) To see all of my Ameynra designs (both bellydance & fashion) go to another playlists category on my Youtube channel…

6) Join me on Facebook - click "Like" to show love & support !…

Have a beautiful time ;)

Sofia Metal Queen / Sofia Goldberg of Ameynra

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